Marine Habitat Data

Community Mapping Network (British Columbia): Featuring the Eelgrass Bed Mapping Atlas and the Forage Fish Atlas and Data Management System.

Strait of Georgia Data Centre:

BC Marine Conservation Analysis:

Islands Trust Nearshore Eelgrass Habitat Mapping:


Project Zostera at University of British Columbia:

Zostera Experimental Network:

Hakai Institute: >>> Nearshore Ecology >>> Nearshore Habitat Mapping

The Baum Lab @ UVic:

The Spectral Lab @ UVic:

Coastal Management Initiatives

Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area:


See Where We Work for links to member community groups and individuals in British Columbia.

Northwest Straits Commission: a Washington-based conservation initiative that combines sound science and ecosystem perspective together with citizen energy and entrepreneurship to improve efforts to save Puget Sound.

Friends of the San Juans: work to conserve, restore and steward nearshore ecosystems and much more.

Educational Videos

Eelgrass (