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Working together to conserve and restore seagrass on BC’s coast

starfish Seagrasses are indicators of nearshore health and sentinels of change. They are phenomenal carbon sinks, storing carbon for thousands of years, but seagrass is disappearing. You can help! Get involved, read our blog and learn more about our work below.


Mapping and monitoring eelgrass beds preserves habitat and nearshore diversity

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Communities replanting seagrass where it has been historically abundant


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Tools for communities and decision makers to sustain nearshore ecosystems

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We spent a day mapping eelgrass with freedivers and kayakers and documented the whole thing, come along with us!



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“We are becoming aware of the role that seagrass plays in the climatic and oceanic carbon cycles and in coastal protection. The true economic value is difficult to measure, but work suggests it is immense. The seagrass beds have been overlooked by conservationists and coastal development planners throughout their range. Biosphere restoration must include seagrass conservation & restoration.” — United Nations